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Your BMW has a standard maintenance schedule and requires periodic inspections. However, there are additional procedures your car needs once every 30,000 miles. BMW recommends “Inspection 2” after the first one. During this service, your car’s mechanic will check various components under the hood, including the steering system, tires, and brakes. They will also check for leaks, adjust the brakes and air pressure, check the oil level, and check the flexible boot. BMW will also perform a short road test.

The BMW Service Inclusive Plan covers the costs of engine oil service, air filter replacement, and micro filter replacement for both petrol and diesel models. The plan is valid worldwide at participating BMW Service Centres. The warranty automatically transfers to the new owner and increases the resale value of your vehicle. For more information about this service plan, contact your BMW Centre. If you have a corporate vehicle, you can purchase BMW Service Inclusive through the BMW Centre. You can also choose to pay for the maintenance plan over a longer period of time by using BMW Pay Monthly.

A regular BMW Service is vital for your vehicle’s performance and aesthetic appeal. In addition to oil changes, you should get your tires rotated and complete a thorough inspection every few thousand miles. You can also opt for BMW Condition Based Services (CBS) which will alert you to your next service or repair. The service schedule for your BMW will be tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs. So, it’s important to take your car in for service appointments on a regular basis to maintain optimal performance and a long life span.

If your BMW does not have an iDrive system, you can check the status of your service by using the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is behind the steering wheel and should feature a button on the left side. Press the button on the left side until you get to the menu. From there, cycle through the various service options until you come across the green check mark. If your BMW has passed its safety inspection, it will be a good idea to take it in for a full oil change.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of BMW Ultimate Care, you should consider a BMW service plan. This prepaid plan covers all oil services for three years, and is available for certain models and services. Check with your local BMW center for availability. You’ll be happy you chose this program! Your BMW service plan can include a variety of options, but you’ll need to choose one that suits your needs and budget. Then, you’ll be confident on the road and enjoy the benefits that BMW Ultimate Care offers.

Maintenance costs vary from vehicle to vehicle. BMWs generally require oil changes every 10,000 miles, spark plugs every 60,000 miles, and a fuel filter change every 90,000 miles. However, there are also more expensive options, such as a battery replacement. While it may be tempting to save money and pay a few extra dollars, you’ll still have to be careful. If you choose to take your BMW to a dealership for maintenance, there are several advantages to this plan.